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Organizational Environment impact on Social Responsibility Implementation in Private Hospitals (KSA): A case Study of Private Hospitals in Najran City

Mohamed El Amine Mohamed , Rami Osama Al Ali , Hanan Mohamed Abdelkader

This study aimed to identify organizational environment dimensions effect on social responsibility dimensions implementation in private hospitals in Najran city (Saudi Arabia). To get results, study used linear regression factor according to primary data that collected through questionnaire tool and ...

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Impact of work stress on the performance of employees (An empirical study)

Assia Yaqoub Al-Hadi Abd Al-Khair , Amna Babakir Hussein Mohammad , Maha Fadel Al-Sayed Ali

This study aims to highlight the impact of work stress on the performance of employees at King Khalid University during the period 2018-2020. The study used the descriptive analytical research method using the statistical program for analysis spss and reached the following main results: The workload ...

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