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The Impact of Organizational Climate on Creativity among Employees: An Applied Study of King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah

Mushref Saleh Muslat Algamdi , Faisal Mohammed A Alzahrani

The human mind is the main source of creativity, which makes it imperative for business organizations that seek to achieve excellence and leadership in the business environment. In order to pay attention to the human element and provide a decent organizational climate that stimulates creativity and innovation, ...

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Administrative Reinforcement and its Impact on Creative Behavior: The Mediating Role of the Organizational Climate During the Period of the Corona Pandemic among Faculty Members at Zarqa University – Jordan

Hazem Khaled Shehadeh

This study aims to identify the impact of Administrative Reinforcement on Creative Behavior in the presence of the mediating variable (organizational climate) during the Corona Pandemic period. The study population included faculty members at Zarqa University. (200) questionnaires were distributed to ...

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