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Credit Cards and their Role in the Banking Foliation "Case Study"

Omar Yousef Abdalla Ababneh

The built-economic fields on the legal of contracts outlined by the Islamic law of are considered the most important areas of the interaction between people, though the beholder in our time notes the evolution of contemporary financial transactions, it has the technical and modern digital computing entered ...

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Legality of Advisory Opinion (Fatwa) Organization Work and Legitimate Supervision in Islamic Banks- Inductive and analytical study

Naif Jama’an Juraidan

This research concerned with how to present a formula that could regulate all which cornered with Advisory Opinion Organizations and legitimate supervision, designed as Law Provisions that could lead to achieving the goals of these Organization and to insure the application of Islamic Sharia Provisions ...

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The role of Islamic finance in supporting small businesses

Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Bahooth

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are important in the economies of many countries at the present time. They are considered to be the best way to deal with the problem of unemployment. SMEs always facing the problem of financing. Many studies have shown that the traditional lending system is ...

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Methods of Developing Human Resource Management in Islamic Banks in Gaza Governorates and their Impact on Achieving Total Quality

Yasser Abed Taha Al-Shurafa , Hani Rabhi Ahmed Abdel Aal

This study aimed to identify methods of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates and their impact on achieving total quality. The study population included all employees in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates (Palestine Islamic Bank, and Arab Islamic Bank) totaling (218) employees. ...

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The Role of Financial Inclusion from National Banks in the Achievement of Social Responsibility Towards Clients - Case Study– the Islamic Banks Working in Gaza Strip

Yasser Abed Taha Al-Shurafa , Haneen Mohammed Badr Ajour

This study aimed to identify the role of the contribution of financial inclusion dimensions in the achievement of social responsibility to clients of Islamic banks in the Gaza Strip during the year 2016. This has been achieved through presenting the concept of financial inclusion, its importance, objectives, ...

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The Risk of Notoriety in Islamic Banks

W. Kamili , M. Elhachloufi , A. Elmarzouki

In this paper, we demonstrate the importance of the risk of notoriety for Islamic banking, in addition to other financial and non-financial risks. We present the results of a survey carried out targeting the active population of the city of Rabat in Morocco, which main objective is to detect the most ...

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Effect of deming methodology on learning and innovation at islamic banks in Jordan

Mohammed Mufaddy Al-Kasasbeh , Ateyah Hussein Ateyah Abu Baqi

The study aimed at measuring the effect of Deming methodology on learning and innovation as one of the balanced scorecard dimensions at Islamic banks in Jordan. Analysis unit was the employees of the Islamic banks in Jordan. Where the questionnaire was developed and distributed to (410) employees, and ...

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The role of Islamic banks in economic development

Sumia Ebrahim ahmad

The Islamic world witnessed a movement of Islamic liberation and awakening that led to the inevitability of the Islamic alternative to the institutions inherited from the Western world and based on economic development. Among these institutions are banks that have been dealing with usury forbidden in ...

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The challenges facing the application of investment funds in Islamic banks in the Palestinian economy

Ziad Jalal Aldammagh

The research aims to study the challenges facing the application of investment funds in Islamic banks In the Palestinian economy, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method in conducting the research, and the questionnaire was applied as a tool to collect information on the research sample ...

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Evaluating the Efficiency and Profitability of Islamic and Conventional Banks: Case Study of the GCC Region

Tariq Hassan Alshehri

This study aims to discuss the concept of both Islamic and commercial banks, in order to illustrate the similarities and differences between Islamic and commercial banking systems. Additionally, this research evaluates the profitability of the Islamic and commercial banks in the GCC region and examines ...

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