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The impact of Fiscal Stimulus on Improving the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Algeria -A field study

Abdelhak Boukafa , Haj Arrabeh , Abdullah Mayo

This study aims to determine the contribution of fiscal stimulus policy pursued by the State through the various procedures, legislative and regulatory acts to improve the financial performance of small and medium-size enterprises through a field study included a group of enterprises (200 enterprises) ...

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The Employees' Attitudes about the Role of the Internal Work Environment Achieving Managerial Innovation: Case Study in the Directorate of Local Administration of Ghardaia - Algeria

Lamour Rumaila

The aim of the study was to identify the employees' attitudes about the role of the internal work environment (centralization of decisions, prevailing organizational culture, communication, training, administrative leadership, incentive system and rewards) on administrative innovation in the Directorate ...

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The Impact of Incentives on Job Performance- An Empirical Study on Khamis Mushayt Community College- King Khalid University

Rawabi Hassan Alshehri

The study aimed to identify the impact of incentives on the job performance at King Khalid University. To achieve this goal, the researcher designed a questionnaire to test the study hypotheses. As a case study: Khamis Mushayt Community College - Female Section, Cronbach Alpha technique was used to test ...

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The effect of management leadership on the performance of the employees of Dall group for food industries - Sudan, Khartoum Bahri

Mohammed Al-Awad El-Ameen Yousif

The study aimed to determine the impact of administrative leadership on the performance of employees through building work teams, providing motivation and the pattern of supervision in order to improve the performance of employees. The study followed the descriptive approach and the analytical approach ...

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