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The Causes that Influence the Delay of Payment at Due Date Among ENDAI-A in Tunisia

Jerbi Basma , Asma Sghaier , Akachi Samir , Hanène Kheireddine , Mohamed Soufeljil , Zouhayer Mighri

This research studies the relevance of explanatory factors of the lack of reimbursement in microfinance conceived in the side of the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of micro-borrowers. In other words, the aim of this work is to identify the characteristics that are specific to micro-borrowers ...

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The role of Islamic finance in supporting small businesses

Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Bahooth

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are important in the economies of many countries at the present time. They are considered to be the best way to deal with the problem of unemployment. SMEs always facing the problem of financing. Many studies have shown that the traditional lending system is ...

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Mathematical Modelling and Evaluation of the Islamic Derivative Arbun

EL HACHLOUFI Mostafa , EL HADDAD Mohammed , HAMZA Faris

Options are derivatives, meaning they derive their value from an underlying financial instrument. Though options can be entered using stock as the underlying security, indexes and futures also have options available. Options are an extremely versatile instrument and can be used to create a variety of ...

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Electronic Finance Transactions Between Banking Banks - Case Study of Algeria

Djelouli Siham , Mansour Charifa

The issue of electronic transactions between banking banks addresses the situation of Algeria, shows us the great importance of banking systems, especially the financial transactions that distinguish them from other economic transactions, their effectiveness in keeping pace with the progress of development ...

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Effective management of material and financial resources and their role in the quality of entrepreneurial project outputs: a comparative applied study on business incubators at the university college of applied sciences and the Islamic university of Gaza – Palestine

Kholoud Attia Al-Flayt , Muhammad Khader Bahr

The study aimed to determine the importance of effective management of the material and financial resources of the entrepreneurial projects and to measure the impact of that on the quality of those projects. The study was applied to the entrepreneurial projects incubated in the period (2015-2019) in ...

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Adventure Capital Financement of Algerian Innovative Small and Medium Firms an Evaluative Study (2010–2018)

Korichi Mohamed Seghir

The aim of this study is to address the problem of financing by venture capital financing for the innovative small and medium enterprises in Algeria as an alternative to conventional financing offered by financial institutions, which is an obstacle to the development of the innovations of these SME’s ...

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Public Finance Variables, Economic Variables and Corruption Perceptions Index Statistical Evaluation Approach Applied to Arab Countries

Tharwah Mohammad Shaalan

The purpose of this study is to test the relationship between external public debt, public debt interest, tax revenues, growth rate in GNP, and general commitments and perceptions index for some Arab countries for the period 2000- 2017. Data of the study variables for the period 2000-2017, and the study ...

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The effect of applying the government financial statistics system (G.F.S)on the performance of the internal audit (case study of the Ministry of Finance, Economy and worker powers- White Nile State)for the year (1441-2019)

Khader Al-Tayeb Al-Amin Al-Shafie , Al-Zain Omar Al-Zein , Mazen Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Bashir

The main purpose of this research is to demonstrate the effect of applying the (GFS) on the internal auditing on the bases of the development of the government accounting and the orientation to replace the basis of maturity instead of the monetary basis in government accounting. The descriptive and analytical ...

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Green Sukuk as an Option to Finance Investment in Renewable Energies in MENA Region

Amal Rahmane , Aicha Selma Kiheli , Okba Abdellaoui

Green Sukuk are a kind of Islamic financial instruments and relatively modern, which has become increasingly important in recent years, as it is specifically directed to support projects related to climate or the environment such as financing investments in renewable energy especially in the Middle East ...

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The Role of Documentary Credit in Islamic Finance Case Study: AlRajhi Bank Riyadh Period: 2000-2017

Abbas Fuad Abbas Hassan

The study seeks to define the importance of documentary credit as one of the indirect financing tools in Islamic banks, especially the import and export, as a case study of Al-Rajhi Bank in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using simple linear regression during the period 2000-2017, the study found ...

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