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The Role of Electronic Promotion of Terrorism through Social Networks in the spread of terrorists recruiting the youth- Applied to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abeer Elsayed Fayed

Introduction: Despite the great technological advance in today's world, including the Internet and social networks, it has also come with deadly and destructive disadvantages of humanity: recruitment of young people electronically to be used as living fuel for the bloody terrorism. Problem: The problem ...

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The impact of electronic commerce on the development of accounting information system (A field study on selected sample of commercial companies in Khartoum State2019)

Muhammad Obaid Kafi Abakr , Sawsan Abdel Hafiz Hassan Khattab , Issam Al-Sayed Buraima Al-Sayed , Abdulaziz Hussain Muteeb Al-mezyed

The study aimed at introducing electronic commerce and its importance, identifying the accounting information system. In addition to collecting the opinions of a selected sample of employees specialized in commercial companies in Khartoum state on the impact of electronic commerce on accounting information ...

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The effect of electronic commerce on profitability of Jordanian commercial companies

Osama Mohammad Khaleel Ballout

The study aims to determine the effect of e-commerce on the profitability of commercial companies of Jordan’s economy and to study the magnitude of the effect of e-commerce (whether positive or negative). The research population includes the commercial companies that are listed on the Amman Financial ...

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The effect of obstructions in the e-commerce in electronic commerce applications: evidence from the Jordan business sector

Kulthoom Mansour Al-ghananeem

The study aimed to find out the electronic and the impact of trade obstacles in e-commerce applications in the Jordanian business sector, the concept of electronic commerce obstacles in the business sector is clarified, and these obstacles are mentioned, which are three main obstacles in this study technological ...

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