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The Role of Central Banks in Achieving Macroeconomic Stability "Cas of the Algerian Economy "

Boukhari Abdelhamid , Bouhoreira abbas

This article deals with analysis on the role of central banks Establishing economic stability in Algeria, through a set of indicators to analyze internal and external levels. According mainly to the economic analysis which is based on macroeconomic stability indicators, which reveals the effectiveness ...

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The Role of Central Bank Policies and Mechanisms in Combating Inflation

Sheikha Suleiman Al-Barhomiyyah , Baraa Khaled Al-Jabriyyah , Ahed Muhammad Al-Sudairiyyah , Sufyan Al-Tayyib Muhammad Abdul-Qadir

This research aims to examine the role of the central bank in targeting inflation and achieving monetary stability in Oman. The research has tried, through various secondary sources, to highlight the role of the central bank in managing monetary policy. The research aimed to analyze the effectiveness ...

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