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The effects of Covid-19 pandemic on migrant workers situation and the effort of the state of Kuwait dealing with it “A comparative study between the directions of citizens and expatriates”

Tareq Abdul Aziz Adoub , Abdullah Jasim Zakariya

This study identifies the assessment levels of both citizens and expatriates for the role of the state agencies toward migrant workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, it compares the assessment of both citizens and expatriates on the role of migrant workers in society, the state management ...

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Measuring the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Oil Prices Using Long Memory Models (November 1990 to December 2020)

Abdallah Badr , Yassin Eltahir

The problem of this study is seeking to answer the question whether the COVID-19 pandemic has a serious effect on the Saudi economy or not. The main objective of the study is to highlight the degree of the Saudi economic flexibility in response to external shocks by using more frequent method, which ...

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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Non-Profit Companies in Jordan: A Socio-Legal Study

Emad Mohammad Al Amaren , Sultan Ibrahim Aletein , Muhanned Farhan Al Taani , Mohammad Abel Khaliq Alzoubi , Ahmad Ibrahim Alsharu

Since 2020, the novel Corona pandemic had negatively affected the people's economic situation in Jordan. The Jordanian government procedures to contains the spread of the virus from movement restriction, border closures, and lookdown have forced companies to shut down their businesses completely or partly ...

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Investigating Stochastic Volatility during Periods of Financial Distress: Evidence from International Financial Markets

Samuel Tabot Enow

Capturing the dynamic properties of financial market volatility has always been very auspicious in asset pricing. The mean reverting properties of financial markets are of paramount importance for investment decision makers with far reaching implications. The purpose of this study was to investigate ...

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The Impact of Marital Status on Work-Life Balance Considering Covid-19 Pandemic at Midlands State University

Kebiat Mukuze , Pilot Ndhlovu , Vonai Chirasha , Norest Samanga , Isheunesu Darangwa , Caith M. Kurehwa

Objectives: Researchers sought to investigate how spousal relationships of employees affect the management of employment commitments and social life responsibilities during the coronavirus pandemic within a state university. Specifically, researchers desired to explore how employees struggled with work-life ...

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