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The Contribution of Activity-Based Costing System (ABC) to Reducing Costs

Salem Yasmine , Randa Belmahdi , Herbadji Hamza

In this study, we wanted to show that the application of the new the (ABC) system of cost accounting reduces the costs of the economic company. In the Biscuit Factory "MEJOR", we carried out a comparative study of cost analysis between the (ABC) system of cost accounting and the traditionals systems ...

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The effect of integration in applying activity-based cost and activity-based management on managing resources and improving financial performance in Jordanian industrial companies (analytical study)

Omar Fareed Shaqqour

This study aims to measure the effect of integration in the application of ABC and ABM on resources management and improving financial performance in industrial companies. The study model shows the independent variable (integration in the application of ABC and ABM) and the dependent variables (resources ...

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Proposing New Hybrid Models for Multicriteria Inventory ABC Classification

Fauzi Zowid

The literature is abundant with research studies that have been developed to provide an efficient model which has never been studied for multicriteria inventory classification MCIC problems. Therefore, this study proposes two hybrid inventory classification systems. Recently, the TOPSIS model has been ...

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