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Vocational Training and its Role to Poverty Reduction in Sudan: an Applied Study Red Sea State

Badreldin Mohamed Ahmed Abdulrahman , Sumaya Awad Khader Ahmed

The Purpose of this study is to shed light to the role played by vocational training projects (VTP) to reduce poverty in Red Sea State, Sudan. The problem of the study concentrated on challenges and willingness facing youth to VTP. We adopted descriptive and analytical method to analyze questionnaire ...

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Effects of Training on Employee Performance - A Study on Banking Sector, Tangail Bangladesh

Nushrat Nahida Afroz

Training and development is indispensable strategic tool for enhancing employee performance. This research aims to find out the “Effects of Training on Employee Performance in Banking sector, Tangail, Bangladesh”, in which Training (employee engagement, motivation and job satisfaction) considered ...

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The Employees' Attitudes about the Role of the Internal Work Environment Achieving Managerial Innovation: Case Study in the Directorate of Local Administration of Ghardaia - Algeria

Lamour Rumaila

The aim of the study was to identify the employees' attitudes about the role of the internal work environment (centralization of decisions, prevailing organizational culture, communication, training, administrative leadership, incentive system and rewards) on administrative innovation in the Directorate ...

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The impact of training programs effectiveness in job performance: an applied study at commercial banks at Albalqa governess

Wael Basheer Al Hyasat

The study aimed to measure the impact of the effectiveness of training programs on job performance in commercial banks in the Balqa governorate. The study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach, and the study population consisted of all workers in commercial banks. The survey unit of commercial ...

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The Role of Distance Training in Improving Job Performance

Ousama Aref Saeed

This research aims to identify the effect of distance training through electronic media on improving job performance. The research concluded by highlighting the importance of distance training in enhancing the quality of training and reducing its costs, improving job performance, as well as its ability ...

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