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Diagnosis of the Dimensions of Talent Management and its Impact of the Service Encounter from the Perspective of Department Managers in the Iraqi Airways Company

Maha Sabah Ibrahim

The success of an organization depends on the performance of human resources and talent; they are the source of direct contact with the customer, In a competitive environment, organizations face many challenges that are unable to obtain human talent. This research aims to identify the views of department ...

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Marketing of insurance services and their contribution to customer satisfaction (2014-2018 case study of Chikan Insurance and Reinvestment)

Manahel Abdulhab Tban Mohammed

: This study examined marketing of insurance services and their contribution to customer satisfaction. Status of the State of Khartoum (2014-2018) was used. Resolution was a tool for data collection. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach. Advertising has effectively contributed to ...

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