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Financial Technology Companies in the Middle East and North Africa

Abdul Rahim Wahiba , Ben Said Amin , Abdel Rahim Nadia

recently has emerged as a new type of areas that attract companies contain activity and to achieve development and profits through, this area is an integral part of the digital economy and the world has become the focus of interest by default emerging companies which began to develop his concept of the ...

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The impact of business intelligence in supply chain performance in Alban Al-Youm company

Ahmad Raja Salameh AlBatayneh , Suliman Raja Salameh AlBatayneh , Zaid Nayel Issa Al-Fugaha

: The aim of this study is to explore the effect of business intelligence on supply chain performance Alban Al-youm Company. The descriptive analytical method was used for the purpose of this study, in which data were collected via a questionnaire distributed to a sample of managers selected from all ...

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Reengineering Human Resources as a Support Mechanism for High Performance Work Systems in Organizations An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of Human Resources Managers in a Group of Economic Institutions in the Biskra

Ahlem Khene , Moufida Yahyaoui , Souria Zaoui

In this study, we aim to identify the contribution of re-engineering of human resources to provide and strengthening of High performance of systems or practices by surveying the views of managers in some economic institutions in Biskra. Therefore, this study will contribute to define the managers of ...

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Factors influencing usage of computer assisted audit techniques: evidence from Jordanian private’s companies

Tamer hamdan Rasheed Aljamal , Sharul Effendy bin Janudin , Azam Abdelhakeem khalid

Purpose – The aim of this research paper is to analyze the factors influencing the utilization of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) system in Jordanian private companies. Design/methodology/approach – The collection of data was done through questionnaire survey on 200 businesses ...

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Dynamic Capabilities and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Moderating Role of Creative Environment in Information Technology Companies in Jordan

Abeer Abdul-wahab S. Alqirem , Shaker Jarallah Al-Khashali

The study aimed to identify the impact of dynamic capabilities on entrepreneurial orientation and the moderating role of creative environment in information technology companies in Jordan. The dynamic, capabilities were measured through five dimensions: opportunity reaction capability, resource integration ...

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The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Organizational Reputation: The Moderating Role of Information Technology at Hotels in Jordan

Hala Abdel Raheem Al Shahahdeh , Shaker Jarallah Al-Khashali

The study aimed to identify the impact of intellectual capital with its dimensions (human capital, structural capital and relational capital) on organizational reputation with its dimensions (trademark, social responsibility, attracting talented, emotional appeal and self-connection) and the moderating ...

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Assessing the Impact of Greening Information Technology Tools and Technologist on Organizational Systems Sustainability in Service Companies

Ibraheem Jodeh , Abdel-Rahman Ismail

This research aims to assess the extent of the utilization of Green IT (MIS and AIS) tools and technologies by Jordanian service companies listed in the Amman Financial Market towards the goal of becoming sustainable. This study utilized the survey questionnaire method for collecting the data needed. ...

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Determinant of Interest in Using Financial Technology Applications

Henny Medyawati , Muhamad Yunanto

Objectives: The aim of study was to analyze the impact of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and service quality on individuals' inclination to utilize the DANA financial technology application. Furthermore, the variable exerting the most dominant influence on the intention to use the DANA ...

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