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Impact of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises on Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria

Aminu Bello , Adamu Jibir , Ibrahim Ahmed

Small and medium scale enterprises play an important role in terms of growth and development of an economy. This is due to the fact that creation, sustenance, and growth of SMEs is believed to be the key ingredient for development of the industrial sector of an underdeveloped economy. The study examines ...

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Services Exports and Economic Growth in Sri Lanka: An Anatomy of GDP Components

EAC Priyankara

This study examines the causality relationship not only between services exports and overall GDP but also between services exports and GDP components, using annual time series data of Sri Lanka from 1981 to 2013. The results show that (1) export-led growth hypothesis holds for services exports of Sri ...

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Arab investments and their Role in Achieving Economic Growth For the Period (2017-1981) - A Standard Study

Sahira Hussein Zain Al-Thalabi , Sakna Jahih Faraj Al-Thalabi , Risan Abed Imam Khazal

Most countries consider investment to be an imperative and necessity for economic growth, a sensitive component and an effective tool to promote the economy because of the increase in production capacity and exploitation of human resources, but the management and direction of investment is the key and ...

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The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Oman (1990-2014)

Muawya Ahmed Hussein , Hanaa Mahmoud Sid Ahmed

Oman’s economy is greatly reliant on oil as a main source of income. On the other hand, diversification of economic activities needs enhancement in the technological infrastructure of the country to have positive effect on economic growth (gross domestic product GDP). Foreign direct investment ...

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The impact of advertising volume's spending in the third millennium on the national economy: A case study of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Nidal Ali Abbas

Nowadays, advertising conducts an important and vital role in our economic life. The importance of this role is supposed to be increased due to the globalized economy And the strict competition between those companies, which their activities are no longer restricted by any specified geographical framework. ...

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The Effect of the Jordanian Exports to Selected Countries on the Economic Growth in Jordan

Atieh M. Musleh , Wisam A. Samarah , Mahmoud I. Milhem

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of Jordanian exports to a number of selected countries on the economic growth in Jordan. The selected countries are United States, China, European Union, Arab countries, India, and Japan. A time series analysis was performed to evaluate the effect of ...

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Macroeconomic determinants of economic growth using panel data analysis

Seham F. Ibrahim , Naglaa A. Morad

This study aims to identify the most important determinants of economic growth in a sample of six countries from the Middle East and North Africa region. Two of which are from high-income countries, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and two of the highest middle-income countries, Jordan and Lebanon, and two ...

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Using time series to analyze the factors that led to overcoming the economic crisis in Malaysia (case study during the period 1970-2014)

Karima Ahmed El Sayed Ali

This study aims to analyze the factors that led to overcoming the economic crisis in Malaysia by using the Multi Regression Model to estimate the parameters of model, using a unidirectional variance analysis to compare the determinants of economic growth and the rate of GDP growth in Malaysia, and finally ...

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Inflation and Unemployment in the South African Democratic Era: Is There Any Trade-off?

M. Jeza , L Greyling , KD Ilesanmi

South Africa has consistently suffered double-digit unemployment rates and unstable price levels, with a resultant stifling of economic growth rates. As a result, South Africa’s central bank policymakers have come under scrutiny regarding the adopted policy framework, which seems to be failing ...

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Analysing Economic Growth on Paid Work Growth in Mozambique

Harris Maduku , Mulatu Fekadu Zerihun

The central objective of this paper was to understand the contribution of economic growth on job creation (paid work) in Mozambique. This comes at a background when the country experienced a decade of significant economic growth and economic development, but poverty and unemployment remain a problem. ...

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