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The Impact of the Administrative Empowerment at the Administrative Creativity as one of the Entrances to the Achievement of Vision 2030 from the Perspective of Women Leaders in the Saudi Higher Education

Ruwida Mohammad Al-atawi , Kainkan Fawwaz Marie

This study aims to identify the impact of the administrative empowerment at the administrative creativity as one of the entrances to the achievement of Vision 2030 from the perspective of women leaders in the Saudi Higher Education. It also aimed to identify the impact of demographic and functional variables ...

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Knowledge management and its impact on the administrative creativity of service organizations in light of the emerging corona virus epidemic crisis SARS-COV19 (An applied study on the Islamic Solidarity Bank Sudan)

Amal Ali Mohammad Suleiman , Asia Yagoub Al-Hadi Abdel-Khair

The aim of the research is to identify the extent of activating knowledge management in Sudanese banks and employing them by creating creative and innovative administrative and marketing practices in facing the Corona virus crisis to adapt to the internal and external environment variables. The research ...

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