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Determinants and constraints of small and medium enterprises growth in the West Bank

Sondos Saleh Ayoub Bassa , Nidal Aref Darwish

The current study aimed to shed light on the reality of the growth of SMEs in the West Bank. The research study focused on the obstacles and determinants of SMEs' growth and the relationship between the financial, administrative, and organizational, legal, and marketing barriers and the SMEs' growth. ...

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The Role of Women in Managing Family Firms in the West Bank

Nidal Aref Darwish , Mariam Adam Wajeeh Nassar

This study aimed to identify the role of women in managing family firms in the West Bank as this study was applied to a group of family firms in the West Bank. The current study relied on the descriptive analytical approach by highlighting and exploring the extent to which family firms enable women belonging ...

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