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Impact of Financial Analysis on Performance in Industrial Sector in British on Social Responsibility in Corporate

Hassab Elrasul Yousuf. AL Tom shihabeldeen

The aim of this paper is to perform an analysis of the financial position, performance, social and corporate responsibility, SWOT and valuation of the two companies McBride plc. &, Headlam Group is British flooring company. The financial analysis, that shows that Headlam group Plc is performing much ...

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The extent of applying the discounted cash flows methods in evaluating investment decisions and its effect on rationalizing the costs in the Jordanian shareholding industrial companies

Walid Zakaria Siam , Faris Talat Abd Al-Aal

The study aims to identify the extent to which discounted cash flow methods are used when making investment decisions and their impact on cost rationalization in Jordanian Industrial Public Shareholding Companies. In addition, to explain the obstacles that may limit the use of these methods. The study ...

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The effect of electronic commerce on profitability of Jordanian commercial companies

Osama Mohammad Khaleel Ballout

The study aims to determine the effect of e-commerce on the profitability of commercial companies of Jordan’s economy and to study the magnitude of the effect of e-commerce (whether positive or negative). The research population includes the commercial companies that are listed on the Amman Financial ...

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Evaluating the Efficiency and Profitability of Islamic and Conventional Banks: Case Study of the GCC Region

Tariq Hassan Alshehri

This study aims to discuss the concept of both Islamic and commercial banks, in order to illustrate the similarities and differences between Islamic and commercial banking systems. Additionally, this research evaluates the profitability of the Islamic and commercial banks in the GCC region and examines ...

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