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Impact of the Organizational Strength on the Organizational Commitment (Case of Study, Tahri Mohammad Bechar University)

Moumni Sara , Boshamin Ahmed

This research study aims at checking the impact of organizational power dimensions (legitimacy power, awarding power, expertise power, attracting and compelling power) on organizational commitment in the Tahri Mohamed University of Bechar (Algeria) . To achieve such aim, we have conceived a questionnaire ...

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The Requirements of Management Information Systems and their Impact on the Performance of the Organization through the Internal Environment as a Mediating Variable- An Applied Study in the Ministry of Finance, Kassala State, Sudan

Ahmed Edris Abdu Edris , Alyan Ali Rahama Alyan , Abdalla Mosa Mohammed Noor

Objectives: The study aimed to investigates the impact of management information systems’ requirements on the performance of the organization through the internal environment as a mediating variable. The problem of the study was the lack of benefit from management information systems in developing ...

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