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The impact of using cloud computing and its role in determining the audit fees process in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the perspective of the external audit (a field study of external audit firms in the city of Jeddah, kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Majedah Alsomrani , Norah Audah Alasmari

The main objective of this study is to examine the impact of using cloud computing to determine the fees for the audit process, according to factors related to companies under study, auditing offices, and auditors working in these offices. Descriptive analytical approach adopted in this study, and the ...

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The impact of tourism in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on GDP, (2005 – 2017: An analytical approach)

Elsiddig Yousif Mohamed Musa

Objectives: This study aims to highlight the spending of foreign and domestic tourism in KSA, and to investigate and analyze factors affecting Saudi's tourism sector, and its impact on the GDP.Methods/Statistical analysis: Three different regression models were specified and estimated in order to reflect ...

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Financial Performance of Firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman Atllah Alharbi

COVID-19 pandemic has been highly detrimental to both the overall economy and the financial performances of firms in all sectors. It has placed increased pressure on the manufacturing capacity and supply chains throughout the world, but it has also provided new opportunities for the logistics industry ...

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The Impact of Privatization of the Health Sector on the Quality of Health Services in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: From the Perspectives of the Employees in A Sample of Governmental Hospitals Affiliated to the Najran Health Directorate

Abdul Ghafar Abdullah Hamid Ali , Ibrahim Mohammed Hussain Al Mansour

This research aims to test the impact of privatization of government hospitals on the quality of health services in its dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, safety and empathy) in government hospitals affiliated to the Directorate. In regard to Najran Health, the study used a sample ...

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The Role of Green Marketing Mix in Customer Loyalty (Applied Study on a Sample of Students at Najran University- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Amani Ali Awad Elata , Mohammed ALhassan Sharef Mohammed , Eltaj Mohammed Mohammed Ali Hamed

The study aimed to know the role of the Green Marketing Mix on customer loyalty from the viewpoint of postgraduate students at the College of Administrative Sciences at Najran University. To test the hypotheses and achieve the goals, the researchers relied on the descriptive analytical method for its ...

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The Effect of Green HRM Practices on Green Competitive Advantage of the SME Sector of KSA

Tariq Saeed Mian

This paper aims to examine the mediating role of green service innovation between green entrepreneurship intention, green knowledge sharing and green knowledge management and green competitive advantage. A survey was administered to 300 respondents. For the collection of data, this study used judgemental ...

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Some Factors Affecting the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Md Nizamuddin Rain , Muhammad Junaid Khawaja

The objective of this study is to determine the factors affecting the financial performance (FP) of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Three factors have been examined including corporate governance (CG), human resource capacity (HR) and access to finance (AF). Primary ...

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The Impact of Date Producers’ Use of Modern Production Methods on Production Costs by Application on Palm Farms in the Qassim Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fayga Hussein Ballal Awad , Rehab Abdelrahman Osman Abdalla , Elzain Omer Elzain Al-Amin

Objectives: This manuscript investigates the effect of applying modern production methods by date producers to reduce production costs, it tested several hypotheses. There is a statistically significant relationship between date producers' application of the bubble irrigation method and production costs. ...

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