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The Impact of Implementing International Auditing Standard 700 (Reporting) in Developing Jordanian External Auditor Report Quality in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Nazem Saeb Abdel Kader Al sherideh , Younis Alian Al Shobaki

The study aimed to uncover the impact of the application of the International Auditing Standard 700 (Preparation of the Report) on its dimensions in upload the quality of the external auditor's report in its dimensions in Jordanian commercial banks. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher ...

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The impact of strategic orientations on crisis management: The moderating role of organizational intelligence in Jordanian commercial banks

Ahmad Agag Ahmad Alabdallat , Abdullah Ahmad Alshourah

The study is aimed to identify the impact of strategic orientations on crisis management in commercial Jordanian banks, and to identify the role of organizational intelligence in improving that impact. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, a descriptive analytical method was adopted and a ...

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The Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Organizational Excellence in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Moatasam Ahmad Wahba , Ayoub Ahmed Al-Sawalha

This study aimed to explore the impact of the knowledge management process through (knowledge discovery, sharing, capture and application) on organizational excellence from the dimensions of (leadership, structure, strategic culture and subordinates) in the case of Jordanian commercial banks. Where the ...

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The Role of Organizational Improvisation in Crisis Management Methods: The Moderating Role of Strategic Vigilance

Ramzi Mubarak ALtarawneh

Objectives: This study aimed to identifying the role of organizational Improvisation in crisis management methods the moderating role of strategic vigilance. Methods: In order to achieve the study objective, the descriptive analytical method was used, and applied it to a simple random sample consisting ...

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