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The Effect of Using Balanced Scorecard in Amendment of the Financial Performance Evaluation of non-Profit Organizations (A Study Case of Al-Basar International Foundation- Sudan)

Omar Alsir Hassan Mohammed , Logman Maroof Fadel Mohammed

The problem of the study lies in the insufficiency that found in the performance amendment methods and the traditional control which have become unsuitable for facing changes in the modern business environment,,,, Eventually, the question of the study can be formulated as follows: Does the use of the ...

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The impact of Fiscal Stimulus on Improving the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Algeria -A field study

Abdelhak Boukafa , Haj Arrabeh , Abdullah Mayo

This study aims to determine the contribution of fiscal stimulus policy pursued by the State through the various procedures, legislative and regulatory acts to improve the financial performance of small and medium-size enterprises through a field study included a group of enterprises (200 enterprises) ...

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The Role of Zero Budget in Evaluating Performance and Rationalizing Expenditure

Mohammed Omar Faraj Zidan , Atef Adam Ali Bakhiet

This study aimed to study the method of Zero budget and knowledge of its components and importance in public institutions, and the importance of their application in these institutions in the areas of planning, control, financial performance assessment and cost rationalization. The study population is ...

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The effect of integration in applying activity-based cost and activity-based management on managing resources and improving financial performance in Jordanian industrial companies (analytical study)

Omar Fareed Shaqqour

This study aims to measure the effect of integration in the application of ABC and ABM on resources management and improving financial performance in industrial companies. The study model shows the independent variable (integration in the application of ABC and ABM) and the dependent variables (resources ...

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The Relationship Between External Audit Quality and the Improving of Financial Performance of the Listed Companies on the Khartoum Stock Exchange- Field Study

Adam Mohamed Ahmed Omer

The aim of this study is to identify the retationship between external audit quality and the improving of financial performance of the listed companies on the Khartoum Stock Exchange. The study used both the analytical descriptive approach and the field study approach. A questionnaire was used for data ...

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The Effect of The Asset Management Efficiency on Financial Performance "Evidence From Jordanian Industrial Firms"

Husni K. Al-Shattarat

The effectiveness of asset management practices among industries listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) is examined in this study with regard to their effects on financial performance measured by return on assets throughout the 2015–2020 timeframe. Companies in the industrial sector make up the ...

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Financial Performance of Firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman Atllah Alharbi

COVID-19 pandemic has been highly detrimental to both the overall economy and the financial performances of firms in all sectors. It has placed increased pressure on the manufacturing capacity and supply chains throughout the world, but it has also provided new opportunities for the logistics industry ...

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The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance of Listed Companies: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz Adel Aldaarmi

This study investigates the role of corporate governance regulations on the financial performance within listed companies in Saudi Arabia. 120 organisations were selected from Saudi Stock Exchange, Tadawul, over a period of four years between 2016 to 2019 for 565 observations. The data were gathered ...

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Some Factors Affecting the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Md Nizamuddin Rain , Muhammad Junaid Khawaja

The objective of this study is to determine the factors affecting the financial performance (FP) of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Three factors have been examined including corporate governance (CG), human resource capacity (HR) and access to finance (AF). Primary ...

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The Impact of Financial Leverage on Companies' Financial Performance Indicators- An Applied Study on Insurance Companies Listed in the Saudi Financial Market (Tadawul)

Mohammad Al-Amin Mahmoud Abdullah

Objectives: This study aimed to identify the impact of financial leverage on the financial performance indicators of insurance companies listed in the Saudi financial market, represented by return on assets and return on equity. The insurance sector was chosen for the important role that this sector ...

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