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Integrative Role of Internal and External Auditing to Reduce Creative Accounting Practices on Financial Statements )A field Study on a Number of Audit Firms, Joint Stock Companies and Academics in the City of Jeddah(

Mona Abdelrhman yagoub , Ashwag Moshabab Alasmary

The study aimed to highlight the integrative role between internal and external auditing to limit creative accounting practices on financial statements. To achieve the goals of the study,a field study was conducted on a sample of academics from members of the teaching staff and internal auditors in a ...

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The role of external audit in developing the level of strategic performance for organizations - the field study

Shereif Mohamed Abdel Hamid El Sheikh

Strategic planning is the modern tool for achieving the aspiration of senior management, and for the success of the strategic planning process to be achieved at the organization level, there must be a tool that monitors, audits and measures the level of the organization's strategic performance, and the ...

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