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Effective management of material and financial resources and their role in the quality of entrepreneurial project outputs: a comparative applied study on business incubators at the university college of applied sciences and the Islamic university of Gaza – Palestine

Kholoud Attia Al-Flayt , Muhammad Khader Bahr

The study aimed to determine the importance of effective management of the material and financial resources of the entrepreneurial projects and to measure the impact of that on the quality of those projects. The study was applied to the entrepreneurial projects incubated in the period (2015-2019) in ...

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The Impact of Entrepreneurship on the Success of Small and Medium Enterprises in Jeddah (Leadership Case Study)

Rizqallah Abdullah Al-Yazidi , Hassan Abbas Hassan

The study aimed to shed light the impact of entrepreneurship on the success of small and medium enterprises in Jeddah, to identify the extent to which entrepreneurs are aware of the dimensions of leadership (competitiveness, search for new opportunities, ability to innovate, desire for success, and self-confidence) ...

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