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IPad as a New Educational Technology: A Review of the Literature

Mohammad Ahmad Abdelaziz Al-Zu’bi

The investigation of the effectiveness of the iPad in education is still inadequate due to considering the novelty of iPad in education. This fact is occurring even though the increase of studies that addressed the iPad in education during the last ten years. Therefore, this study examines the effectiveness ...

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Effectiveness of Sensory Cognitive Program for Learning New Words among Students of the Faculties of Education Hantoub and Alhasahisa, University of Gezira, Sudan

Makki Babikir Deiwa , Ahmed Mohammed Shennan

The problem of this study starts from the way in which learners deal when they learn new words, which had led to their suffering when they try to remember it, the present study aimed to find out whether a sensory cognitive program designed by the researcher has an impact on the learning of new words. ...

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The Level of Tendency of Students and Their Attitudes Towards Reading at The Stage of Primary Education and Intermediate it in The City of Dar Chiouck In Algeria -Field Study-

Aicha Alla

The objective of the present study is to identify the level of tendency of students and their attitudes towards reading at the stage of primary education and intermediate it in the city of Dar chiouck in Algeria, as well as the nature of the differences according to the following demographic variables: ...

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Working memory and its relation to achievement motivation among academically outstanding students at the faculty of education, Majmaah university

Mai Fathi Al-Baghdadi , Eman Mahmoud El Ashmawy

The current study aimed to identify the relationship between the working memory and its tasks (Audio Numbers - Category Classification - Visual Matrix - Maps & Directions), and achievement motivation among academically outstanding students, the study sample consisted of 60 students (GPA= 4.5 and ...

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Susceptibility to empathy and its relationship to emotional maturity among university students (An applied study on students of the college of education, university of Diyala, Iraq, 2020 AD)

Ghassan Ghazanfar Hamid , Maki Babiker Saeed Dewa , Al-Fatih Mustafa Suleiman Al-Kanani

The capacity for empathy represents an emotional experience that affects human life in facing problems and difficulties and providing assistance to those we feel that needs it, and in fact it represents an essential component of human life, in addition to its impact on their psychological health. The ...

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Self-confidence as an intermediary variable between psychological empowerment and job burnout among special education teachers in Gaza governorates

Najah Awad El-Smairy

The present study aimed to establish a theoretical model for the causal relationship between the three variables of study: self-confidence, psychological empowerment and job burnout; and then verify the validity of the proposed model by examining the direct and indirect impact of self-confidence on both ...

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Factors Underlying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Protection of the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities

Hamada Ali , Salaheldin Bakhiet , Yossry Essa , Shehana Alqafari

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always observed the rights of individuals with disabilities, as evident from the laws that KSA has enacted, based on the principles of Islamic law. KSA has made significant progress at several levels: (1) enacting definite policies and statutes to protect the rights ...

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Developing the Educational Program in Kindergartens in the Syrian Arab Republic in Light of the European Model (An Empirical Study on Female Kindergarten Directors and Teachers in the Damascus Education Directorate)

Drwish Hasan Drwish , Omer Abdullah Haraki , Mustafa Abdullah Almukdad , Ali Osman Engin

The study aimed to develop the education program in kindergartens in Syria in light of the European model. The sample of the study consisted of female kindergarten directors and teachers who were selected randomly from kindergartens in the city of Damascus. Also, the study used the descriptive analytical ...

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Post Pandemic Readjustment to Traditional Education System: Analyzing Difficulties of University Students and Recommendations

Kholoud Imhammad Al-Mseidin

The recent outburst of COVID-19 has utterly revolutionized the world in every sector of life, be it health, economy, tourism, employment or education. Internet revolution, for the first time, with such pace and potential played the most important role amidst crises. Though, work from home and virtual ...

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Level of Need for Motivation among Administrators Working in the Ministry of Education of Gaza Strip in the Light of Some Variables

Reham Omar Youssef Zaidan , Maki Babiker Saeed Dewa

This study aimed to identify the level of desire and need for motivation among administrators working in the Ministry of Education of Gaza, and also aimed to reveal the extent of these administrators' need for motivation in the light of several variables. To Measure this, a scale of psychological and ...

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