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Integral Equations and their Relationship to Differential Equations with Initial Conditions

Mostefa Nadir , Somia Guechi

Integral and differential equations have a fundamental importance in the functional analysis and the practice problems, and many domains of scientific research. However, the resolution of differential equations with constant coefficients is easy, but the resolution of these equations with variable coefficients ...

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Existence and Regularity Results for the Stokes System with Mixed Boundary Conditions

Mourad Dilmi , Hamid. Benseridi

In this paper we consider the nonlinear boundary value problem governed by a stationary perturbed Stokes system with mixed boundary conditions ( Dirichlet-Fourier- maximal monotone graph), in a smooth domain. The existence and regularity of the weak solution to this problem are proved. Our approach is ...

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European Option Pricing of Fractional Black-Scholes Model Using Sumudu Transform and its Derivatives

Waseem Asghar Khan , Faryal Aijaz Ansari

In this work an analytical solution of Fractional Black-Scholes European option pricing equation is solved.The analytical solution is based on Sumudu Transform and its differential and integral properties.The obtained solution is presented in the form of Fractional Taylor series with easily computable ...

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Application of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for Solving Linear Boundary Value Problems Differential Equation

Malik . S Awwad , O. Y. Ababneh

The objective of this study are to apply the OHAM to find approximate solutions of singular two-point boundary value problems comparisons with exact solutions and other method like spline method were made. The results of equations studied using OHAM solutions were significantly reliable.

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Repeat Codes, Even Codes, Odd Codes and Their Equivalence

Mustafa Özkan , Figen Öke

Codes over the chain ring are obtained by writing special matrices. Gray images of these codes are binary codes. It is shown that first repeat code, second repeat code, even code and odd code are either equivalent or equal to these codes. The definitions of direct sum and direct product of these codes ...

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Error Estimates and Analysis Results for Signorini’s Problem in Thermo-Electro-Viscoelasticity

EL-H. Essoufi , M. Alaoui , M. Bouallala

We consider a mathematical model describing the quasi-static process of contact between a thermo-electroviscoelastic body and a rigid foundation. The contact is described by Signorini’s conditions. The variational formulation leads to a coupled system for the displacement filed, the electric potential ...

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Attitude Control of a Quadcopter Platform Based on Fractional Control Laws

Taha Ennaciri , Nabil Mrani , Ahmed El abbassi , Jaouad Foshi

The purpose of this study, is to establish a comparison between two types of controllers, to be used to control the attitude of an unmanned aerial vehicle UAV, known as quadcopter platform. The two types of controllers, assumed in this work, are: A classic Linear Quadratic Controller LQR, and Controller ...

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Existence of Solution of Neutral Fractional Impulsive Differential Equations with Infinite Delay

K.Hilal , Y. Allaoui

In this work we define the solution of the fractional neutral impulsive differential equation with infinite delay. The results of existence are obtained by using the Banach contraction and Schafer fixed point. Some proprieties of probability density functions and semi-group theory are also used.

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Regional Gradient Exact Enlarge Controllability of the Semilinear Heat Equation

Touria Karite , Ali Boutoulout , Fatima Zahrae EL Alaoui

The aim of this paper is to study the enlarge gradient-controllability problem of the heat equation. The purpose is to compute the control u which steers the state gradient of the system between two prescribed levels l1 and l2, only on a subregion ω of the system evolution domain Ω. The obtained ...

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Oscillatory Behavior of Higher-Order Delay Differential Equations

O. Bazighifan

This paper is concerned with asymptotic and oscillatory properties of the nonlinear higher-order differential equation with delay argument. Some examples are given to illustrate our main result.

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