General Letters in Mathematics

Volume 2 - Issue 1 (2) | PP: 17 - 24 Language : English

Repeat Codes, Even Codes, Odd Codes and Their Equivalence

Mustafa Özkan ,
Figen Öke
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
8/12/2016 14/1/2017 18/2/2017 27/2/2017
Codes over the chain ring are obtained by writing special matrices. Gray images of these codes are binary codes. It is shown that first repeat code, second repeat code, even code and odd code are either equivalent or equal to these codes. The definitions of direct sum and direct product of these codes were given. Moreover dual codes were classed. Self dual codes and self orthogonal codes were established.

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Özkan , M. & Öke , F. (2017). Repeat Codes, Even Codes, Odd Codes and Their Equivalence . General Letters in Mathematics, 2 (1), 17-24, DOI:10.31559/glm2016.2.1.2

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