International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 3 - Issue 4 (1) | PP: 201 - 215 Language : العربية

Poetry thresholds in Marawi Ammar Ahmed Alsaffar

Sawsan Albayaty
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9/10/2021 24/11/2021 20/12/2021 23/12/2021
Modern critical methodologies have been considerate of new theories and visions, ideas, and texts. As a result, they focused on reading the whole text especially the information that surrounded it and was a part of it. This study tries to study the main thresholds that surround the text and fence it in an adequate reading on the propositions of Gerard Genette on his thresholds; he has the greatest credit for defining and determining textual thresholds. This study aims to read a new text that mixes narration and music in a process of divisions' cross-pollination between the two arts to form text as the founder, Ammar Ahmed Al-Saffar, called it Al-Marwa. It was necessary for the researcher to root this text and read it carefully to understand the meaning surrounding the text. This reading will help the researcher to understand the limitation, foundations, features, and characteristics especially those related to thresholds, and how to read them using the analytical textual method as long as the main text is the main point of the study. The research focuses on the most important thresholds employed by the Marwati Ammar Hamad as they shape the main point in the text however they were used, and it is as follows: title, dedication, cover, and presentation speech.

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