International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 3 - Issue 2 (2) | PP: 86 - 106 Language : العربية

The place in the poetry of ibn Chouhaid El Andaloussi (Cordoba as a Model)

Iman Anwar Hassan Aly
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21/3/2021 26/5/2021 27/6/2021 17/7/2021
The place has an impact on man in general, and on the poet in particular; Whether in his visible words, which he lived through and knew all its details, or the positive and negative feelings, he accompanied him through his life journey, that these places produced. Ibn Chouhaid El Andaloussi is one of the most prominent poets of Cordoba who lived two revealing periods; As he expressed to us - through his poetry - the features of life in Cordoba in its ease, prosperity and stability. He also expressed the period of adversity and the resulting displacement of people and the ruin of life and urbanism. The research represented an attempt to investigate the impact of Cordoba on the psyche of the poet, which appeared in his poetry in two formats: one of them: Cordoba, the past and the present, and the second: Cordoba, the beloved place and the hated place. These visions begged tools and means that could carry the poet’s message and create an appropriate poetic discourse; The metaphor and the metonymy were pillars in the understanding of the poet's meanings, embodiment of his experience, pathetic fallacy, and inspiration by it. Drawing visual, auditory, and other images was a means of connecting the experience with the perceived world and mobilizing feelings to bear the message. The performance embellishments represented in the Binary Oppositions (Antithesis and Antonym), and other embellishments, carried the suffering of the poet and embodied his struggle. The poet's culture reflected a spatial language with multiple levels, and his music - with its diversity of tones and the suitability of its music - seemed to be better able to absorb the finer details of the experience, reveal it, and express it.

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