International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 3 (3) | PP: 185 - 202 Language : العربية

Aspects of Homeland in Dewan Mamlaket Alymam for AlMotawakel Taha

Khamees Ahmad Rayyan
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
7/9/2019 12/9/2019 17/9/2019 2/10/2019
This research aims at showing up the issues of homeland which the poet expressed in his poetry (his Dewan) for making sure that homeland is still the main concern in the Palestinian poetic speech at a time of changes taking place all around the world, affecting the Palestinian issue. The research is based on taking the poetic text and then analyzing it, depending on the descriptive approach which reads the texts and then analyze them. The study employs the analytical approach and its techniques such as intertextual, employment of historical figures and semiotics in the connection between the title and the subjects. The poet included the Palestinian personality through highlighting different issues of Palestinian homeland: Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Refuge (Diaspora), Martyrdom and Gaza which has been exposed to destructive wars during the past few years; in which it created a painful bleeding wound in the body of Palestinian homeland. The study concluded that there is a strong connection between the title, which is regarded as the code, and the Dewan's subjects related to the Palestinian homeland, and the idea that the homeland is still the most dominant in the Palestinian poetic speech. Moreover, the poet was able to employ stylistic techniques that exploded implications that the poet wanted to convey in his poems to his readers to make them take part in emotionally.

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