International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (1) | PP: 90 - 104 Language : العربية

Irony in AL – Mutamid Ibn Abbads Poetry

Naima Khaled Ali Abdul Rahim
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
16/4/2019 30/4/2019 12/5/2019 26/1/2022
Irony concept is considered one of the modern critical concepts that led to deep looks in literary texts and phenomena. Andalusian poetry represents distinguished literary phenomena through this point of view definitely, for this poetry reflected life in Andalusia with its social and political dimensions and the ironies it was based on, the matter which makes studying it- through Andalusian texts unignorable. Irony seems very visible in Andalusian poetry especially in AL- Mutamid Ibn Abbads poetry because Ibn Abbads life witnessed deep changes and shifts, either in the political side, or the social side, or the economical side which caused deep effects on this poetry. Thus it formed rich material for studying formed Irony, the matter which this study tried to explain consequently. The study was based on three scopes . A brief introduction to explain irony concept . After that the study treated with irony in AL Mutamid Ibn Abbads poetry when he was a king, then it dealt with this poetry when he was a prisoner, and the research here tries to study texts. which were based on irony. The study finally revealed extravagancy in richness which represents Ibn Abbads life during his reign. Researches consider this irony more severe than those ironies born by pain resulted from suffering.

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