International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 1 (3) | PP: 38 - 53 Language : العربية

Deceiver Reflection - Critical Analytical Reading in a Book"

Nadi Sari Al-Deek
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6/11/2018 24/11/2018 8/12/2018 2/3/2019
"Rasael Lam Tasel Ba’d" Messages That have not Reached Yet " is one of the books that has received international popularity and therefore was translated into more than one language. It has also received a number of awards from various sides. It has also been reprinted in Arabic several times. This popularity is due to the fact that the book carries ideas that are closely related to the political scene in the Arab world and particularly to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, The writer agrees to Israel's right for existence on the usurped Palestinian land. He also calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state only on the Palestinian land occupied in 1967. Thus the author has disregarded all the international resolutions that affirm the Palestinian rights and those of the Palestinian refugees. He rejects these resolutions and defends his viewpoint strongly. He uses for this purpose very attractive smooth language, full of allusions, dialogues and artistic and intellectual devices. In this respect, the author is preparing for the politically unaccepted ideas of the western thinkers and politicians regarding the Palestinian cause .This study aims to reveal and stress the strongly proved facts that the author tried to forget or disregard internationally or unintentionally although the authors ideas reveal a state of interaction and acceptance to these ideas which he calls for and defends.

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