International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 5 - Issue 3 (3) | PP: 112 - 123 Language : العربية

The Expressions of Purpose in the Letters of Mai Ziada

Tharwat Ahmad Wahdan ,
Ahmad Hassan Hamed
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
19/9/2023 10/10/2023 24/10/2023 26/11/2023
Objectives: This study aims to a short explanation of the intentionality in Mai Ziada's letters that previous studies dealing with her letters have given a glimpse about them by talking about the criteria of the text without specifying a study for these letters as the researchers has done. Consequently, this study in a novel on in textual linguistics. The researcher has found that the letters of Mai Ziada are the best analyzable literary model because of the availability of the structural, pragmatic, intentional and acceptable structures as well as the deliberative dimension. This study has specialized in intentionality and its impact on the text as well as the role of the participants in producing and receiving them. This study tackles the concept of intentionality in the lexical and rhetorical thought since the beginning of time leading to the modern concept of linguistics. This study titled as: "The Manifestations of Intentionality in the Letters of Mai Ziada" including a number of titles including the intentionality of the author, language, subjectivity, text and reader. Methods: The researcher will adopt the descriptive-analytical methodology for this study. She will collect material related to purposefulness, initiating her exploration of the topic with an overview that discusses the concept of purposefulness in ancient times. Subsequently, she will address its modern conceptualization. Conclusions: The importance of the study is represented in the creativity of the study which gives a rise to the linguistic kingdom enabling the researcher to serve the Arabs. The researcher concludes the study with the main results as well as the main resources.

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