International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 4 - Issue 4 (2) | PP: 137 - 152 Language : العربية

The Disciplinary Tone in the Biblical Proverbs of the Arabs

Sarab Hassan Shami
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25/12/2022 9/1/2023 18/1/2023 2/2/2023
The biblical proverb is a kind of educational proverb, which is sayings that include principles presented by individuals from among the wise, intellectuals, and clergymen and come out of thought, experience, and mastery. Through biblical proverb, they motivate souls and minds to do good and drive them away from evil. Because biblical proverb has a positive effect on feelings and emotions in moving the feelings of goodness in the soul if used wisely and consciously and in appropriate circumstances for the condition of individuals, this makes it ready to influence. The study aimed to identify those proverbs and differentiate them from popular proverbs in order for us to stand on the extent of the difference and agreement between the meanings of biblical proverbs and popular proverbs, and the contents of each. The study also aims to identify its disciplinary tone, and the issues and meanings that these proverbs deal with, based on the fact that the biblical proverb represents the wisdom and history of the people. As. Abdul Majeed Abdeen pointed out in his differentiation between the biblical and popular proverb in his book, which was chosen and started from, for his standing with those proverbs. The study was concluded with some results, including the biblical proverbs, their melody and rhythm, and their numerical balance between the halves, and the harmonious harmony they contain between those elements that were taken from numbers as a symbol for expressing and consolidating many principles.

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