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The Environment between Worlds Conflict and Reconstruction Policy

Benkhelifa Samira

The environmental effects due to the world’s conflicts and wars are so great and has deep impact on man for decades. They are direct impacts that touches the Ecosystem and they are indirect impacts on man’s health and good standard of living. Company also cause harm the environment, this ...

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Electronic Copyright Protection in the Palestinian and Islamic Legislation

Abdel Qader Saber Ali Jarada , Manal Mohammad Ramadan Al-Ashi

This study addresses a question that has arisen in the contemporary jurisprudential actual status, which is about the author’s right to protect his electronic writings, which have become of financial value. Such protection is to prove to the owner’s title and his right to act. This made it ...

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Protection of Children with Special Needs between Islamic Jurisprudence and Law- A Comparative Study

AbdulSalam Hamood Ghaleb AL-anesi

Children are an integral part of society and have rights in society guaranteed to them by the true Islamic religion, as well as international and local customs and laws. They have many rights and from this category, the category of people with special needs also has rights that are also necessary, so ...

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The Criminal Protection of Digital Evidence in Light of UAE Law NO. 34 of 2021

Abdul-Ghani Qassem Al-Shuaibi

Technology, in the modern era, witnessed a remarkable development to reach a new revolution that had an impact on the various aspects of life, which is the information technology revolution, or as it is called the electronic age. These scientific achievements were accompanied by the emergence of new ...

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The Legal Framework for Jordanian Electronic Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Contracts

Sultan Ibrahim Aletein , Emad Mohammad Al Amaren , Karimeh Jalal Baqour

Objectives: The importance of legal protection lies in securing the interest of the consumer who is the weakest party in electronic negotiation and contracting processes. Therefore, providing legal protection during the negotiation and implementation stages is particularly important. Many changes in ...

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