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The position of the judiciary on the corner of jurisdiction in the administrative decision

Fahid Salameh Dheif Allah Alqudah

The jurisdiction corner in the administrative decision is defined as the legal ability to carry out a specific administrative work. The administrative decision must be issued by the authority that the law has authorized the jurisdiction to do so, and the administrative jurisprudence defined the defect ...

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The extent of the judiciary’s control over the work of administrative control in normal and exceptional circumstances

Rami Ali Al-Daradkeh , Omar Abdelmohdi Muhammed Al-Omari

This research study came to talk about the issue of administrative control and what it includes from the procedures and actions practiced by the administration, and to indicate the extent to which it must adhere to the objectives of administrative control and not deviate from the general rules in it. To ...

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Judicial control over the discretionary power of management

Walid Abdul Ruhman Mezher

The study aimed to delve into the legal issue of judicial oversight over administrative discretionary authority, and that the presence of discretion in administrative work would achieve this legal presence of the state on the one hand, and on the other hand, would lead to the management and good performance ...

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Guarantees of applying the principle of precautionary measures in armed conflicts

Ahmed Abdel Hakeem Shehab

The provisions of international law generally suffer from the problem of effectiveness and the ability of the provisions of this law to impose its respect on those addressing its provisions. In the interest of applying precautionary measures in armed conflicts, international law has enacted a set of ...

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