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The reality of applying sustainability principles on the tourism activities in Algeria

Said ben Lakhdar , soureya Chenbi

The concept of tourism goes beyond the different dimensions of development, economic, social, environmental and even political, Tourism activities have affected on all aspects of the sector in order to achieve comprehensive development. This research paper shows the basics of sustainable tourism, the ...

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The effect of tourism investment on international demand of tourism in Algeria during the period 1990-2017

Allam Athmane , Benterkia Messaoud

The study aims to analyze and measure the impact of tourism investment on international Algerian tourism demand in the extended period of 1990 to 2017 by exposing the basic concepts of tourism investment and tourism demand as well as their relationship, then presenting the reality of tourism investment ...

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Creative cultural tourism as a new model of the relationship between cultural heritage and tourism

Mukhles M. Al-Ababneh

The current study explores creative cultural tourism as a new model of the relationship between cultural heritage and tourism. Cultural heritage with its tangible and intangible components represents an essential part of culture tourism. Many changes have been happened in tourism due to new forms of ...

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The importance of tourism contributions in Egyptian economy

Ahmed K Elnagar , Abdelkader Derbali

Tourism in Egypt is one of the most important sources of national income, with the annual dollar revenues it provides, and the foreign currency returns that enabled it to participate significantly in the gross domestic product, and to combat unemployment by employing a wide segment of the workforce in ...

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Activating virtual tourism as a tool to promote tourist destinations during COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of Saudi Arabia

Ahmed K Elnagar

This research aims to identify the reality of virtual tourism in Saudi Arabia, to clarify its role as a tool to revitalize tourist destinations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research is based on the descriptive approach through previous studies, research, books, websites and reports issued by the ...

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The impact of accommodation entrepreneurship activities on Islamic tourism (Umrah) development: An empirical evidence from Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Ayoub Ledhem , Warda Moussaoui

Currently, academics have given an intense interest in investigating the factors that promote the tourism industry as evidenced by the growing studies which investigate the impact of accommodation services as one of the main factors in the tourism industry. However, this investigated impact is missing ...

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Learning framework for the development of key skills in the hospitality industry

Gisela Domínguez , Albert Fornells Herrera

The hospitality sector is one of the most competitive industries and it is one of the leading engines of the world economy. The current crisis in the sector due to the COVID-19 makes organizations to consider more than ever the unique and the alignment of their services for becoming different from their ...

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The reaction of American Luxury tourists visiting Rwanda during 2018-2019 Ebola outbreaks

James Ngamije

Several cases of Ebola virus diseases (EVD), have been discovered in Africa. The 2018–2019 outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in North Kivu and Ituri provinces has been declared International public health emergency. Rwanda as a neighboring country was on high alert, with the possibility ...

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The role of urban projects in the enhancement of urban tourism in Algerian cities: Opportunities, transformations, and challenges Case: the city of Setif

Foued Benghadbane , Djaadjou Mahfoud

The concept of tourism is no longer limited to travel with the aim of seeing other places distinguished by different cultures and customs only. Rather, it has expanded to make tourism more practiced in cities within a new concept, which is "urban tourism", which represents the approach taken by most ...

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The implications of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) on the performance of travel and tourism agencies

Smail Hassiba , Bennafla kaddour

This study aims to highlight the implications and effects of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) on the performance of travel and tourism agencies globally and nationally; as well as the most-important actions and measures taken to reduce the spread of the pandemic. Besides, it sought to present the policies ...

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