International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Studies

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The reality of applying sustainability principles on the tourism activities in Algeria

Said ben Lakhdar , soureya Chenbi

The concept of tourism goes beyond the different dimensions of development, economic, social, environmental and even political, Tourism activities have affected on all aspects of the sector in order to achieve comprehensive development. This research paper shows the basics of sustainable tourism, the ...

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Lighthouse Tourism: Suggestions for an Innovative and Sustainable Use of the Greek Traditional Lighthouses

Polyxeni Moira , Paraskevi Kakaroucha , Dimitrios Mylonopoulos

The Hellenic Lighthouse Network (HLN) is one of the most extensive and organized systems worldwide. Some of its most remarkable and historic lighthouses and beacons have been characterized as “Monuments of Modern Cultural Heritage” and are available to the public for small-scale, non-profit ...

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