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The Effectiveness of the Statistical Approch in the Stylistic Treatment of the Literary Text

Fatima Sghir

The stylistic analysis of the literary text is a treatment aiming objectivity and precision, this is why the analyst uses some curricula which help him to describe the stylistic characteristics of the text. One such curriculum is the statistical approach that aims at science by applying the statistical ...

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Romanticism as literary Doctrine and Enlightenment Thought

Badreddine Al Qasimi

The concept of romanticism poses an epistemological obstacle, on the one hand this doctrine was formed gradually and in separate places in Europe, and on the other hand, multiple sources, philosophical-intellectual or sociohistoric, overlap in the formation of its specificities and principles. However, ...

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Recalling Characters in the Poetry of A-Sharif A-Radi

Khamees Ahmad Rayyan

This research entitled "Recalling Characters in the Poetry of A-Sharif A-Radi" illustrates how the poet uses this phenomenon in his poetry and sheds the light on the most prominent figures he invokes in his poetry. In addition, this research examines the factors that led the poet to recall these specific ...

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The Role of Literary Translation in Cultural Exchange among the Citizens of Nigeria

Yusuf Usman Muhammad , Bukar Muhammad Usman , Muhammad Alhaji Maidugu

This Study entitled: "The Role of Literary Translation in Cultural exchange among the Citizens of Nigeria", is an attempt to shed light on contribution of Translation in exploring the rich Cultural values and Literary aesthetics contained in Nigerian Literature, particularly in the area of Civilizational ...

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