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Controbutions of Nigerian Schorlars in Arabic Philology: “Al-Nahr al-Tafih lil-Labib al-Rabih” by Sheikh Abdulqadir Al-Taliki as Model

Dahiru Yahya

This paper aims to study the personalty of al-Talki being among Nigerian scholars who contributed to Arabic philology through his book titled ‘al-nahar al-tafih lil-labib al-rabih’. Despite all the conrobutions it rendered to knowledge; the researchers didn’t give it good consideration. ...

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The Role of Literary Translation in Cultural Exchange among the Citizens of Nigeria

Yusuf Usman Muhammad , Bukar Muhammad Usman , Muhammad Alhaji Maidugu

This Study entitled: "The Role of Literary Translation in Cultural exchange among the Citizens of Nigeria", is an attempt to shed light on contribution of Translation in exploring the rich Cultural values and Literary aesthetics contained in Nigerian Literature, particularly in the area of Civilizational ...

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