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The Rule of Imaginary: Towards an Interpretive Approach to

Ahmad Khouli

This study argues that discourse, whatever its genre, is inseparable from the power of imagination; accordingly, trying to study the power of the imagination in discourse, through the examination in identifying the key concepts of the imagination, and then relying on the semiotics in the approach of ...

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Romanticism as literary Doctrine and Enlightenment Thought

Badreddine Al Qasimi

The concept of romanticism poses an epistemological obstacle, on the one hand this doctrine was formed gradually and in separate places in Europe, and on the other hand, multiple sources, philosophical-intellectual or sociohistoric, overlap in the formation of its specificities and principles. However, ...

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The place in the poetry of ibn Chouhaid El Andaloussi (Cordoba as a Model)

Iman Anwar Hassan Aly

The place has an impact on man in general, and on the poet in particular; Whether in his visible words, which he lived through and knew all its details, or the positive and negative feelings, he accompanied him through his life journey, that these places produced. Ibn Chouhaid El Andaloussi is one of ...

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