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The Role of Literary Translation in Cultural Exchange among the Citizens of Nigeria

Yusuf Usman Muhammad , Bukar Muhammad Usman , Muhammad Alhaji Maidugu

This Study entitled: "The Role of Literary Translation in Cultural exchange among the Citizens of Nigeria", is an attempt to shed light on contribution of Translation in exploring the rich Cultural values and Literary aesthetics contained in Nigerian Literature, particularly in the area of Civilizational ...

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The Epistle of Forgiveness and Utopia: A Perusal in Cultural Patterns

Noora Ali Mahdi Annawm

The study aimed to provide a new perspective to "The Epistle of Forgiveness" reconsidering its genre affiliation. However, the study presumes that hereafter he built is nothing but a blank attempt to build a Utopian city. He wanted to subvert reality order through believing in a better world that should ...

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