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The Struggles of the First Generation on Women Stereotypes in the Joy Luck Club Novel

Riana Permatasari , Muhammad Fajar

Women stereotypes are deeply embedded in a patriarchal society. Women and men are regarded for having different roles leading to the limitations faced by the women. This study analyzes the struggles of the first generation of Chinese immigrant women as reflected in The Joy Luck Club Novel in dealing ...

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Exploring the Socio-Religious Feminist Struggle of South Asian ThirdWorld Women Against the Labyrinthine Gossamer of Patriarchy in Selected Bangladeshi Fiction

Hassan Bin Zubair

This research explores the oppression of patriarchy on women in Muslim orthodox community in the light of Feminist Theory. The research draws on the basic assumption of feminism and shows the relationship between the religion and patriarchy. It shows how the relationship helps in the oppression of the ...

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Role of Women and Environment in Temsula Ao’s Laburnum for My Head

Kailash Kumar

Women and environment play significant role in Temsula Ao’s Laburnum for My Head (2009). Women empowerment relates to giving women more power over their own life and the circumstances they are facing with. Empowering women is to empower them to break the traditional picture of perfect womanhood ...

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