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Domestication of English Expressions Used by Iraqi Arabic Speakers: A Sociolinguistic Study

Ahmed Sahib Mubarak , Basim Jubair Kadhim

This paper deals with the process of domestication of English expressions as a sociolinguistic phenomenon. It aims to explore the reasons of domesticating foreign [English] expressions that are variously acculturated within such social variables as gender, age, and social status. A modified sociolinguistic ...

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Introducing Sociolinguistics

Acheoah John Emike , Abdullahi Sanni , Margaret Nonyerem Agu , Ayoola Moses Olusanya

This paper presents an overview of sociolinguistics by examining the fundamental concepts and issues therein. Research efforts in sociolinguistics focus on speakers and their exploration of language to cope with their daily communicative goals in society. The innate potential of language to cope with ...

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Comparative Linguistics of Meknasi and Er-Rissani Dialects: Phonological, Morphological, and Socio-Cultural Dimensions in Moroccan Arabic Varieties


Purpose: The study delves into the intricate realm of language and its regional variations, a topic widely explored across multiple linguistic branches, including sociolinguistics, phonetics, socio-cultural, and applied linguistics. Each of these branches brings forth a unique perspective, defining ...

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