Bulletin of Advanced English Studies

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EFL Students' Perceptions at Sudanese University Level of Native and Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers

Mohammed A.M. Elomarabi

This paper attempts to investigate the issue of native and non-native English-speaking teachers (NESTs/NNESTs within the Sudanese university context). Employing two research tools (pulling together quantitative and qualitative methods), the study examined a group of participants - (347) University English ...

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Corpus-Based, Genre-Analytic Approach to Discipline-Specific Materials Design and Development

Ali Abdullah Altayeb Alkhalifa , Ishraga Bashir Mohammed Elhassan

The use of corpus linguistics in ELT is a modern method of developing the teaching the researcher has made use of the Corpus-based, genre-analytic approach to design an English text book for the first year of medical laboratory sciences students (MLS). The content teachers of the medical laboratory sciences ...

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