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Refusal Strategies in Offers and Directives: An Overview of Selected Texts from Radio Drama Episodes

Acheoah John Emike

This study attempts an overview of different refusal strategies used by characters in the drama genre, and by extension, humans in everyday communication. Although the study is neither strictly a stylistic nor pragmatic analysis of texts, it is an investigation of the stylo-pragmatic components that ...

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The Pragmatics of Proverbs in Ola Rotimi’s Kurunmi

Olusegun Oladele Jegede , Eniola Omotayo Osoba

This study examined the pragmatics of proverbs in Ola Rotimi's Kurunmi. The study focused particularly on the interpretation of the proverbs used in the text, based on the contexts in which they were used. The study used content analysis as its design, which gave room for a critical analysis of the proverbs ...

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