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Language In Political Discourse: A Pragmatic Study Of Presupposition And Politeness In The Inaugural Speech Of President Donald Trump

Balogun, Sarah , Murana, Muniru Oladayo

Inauguration ceremony of a new president is likely a common ritual the world over. It is an observance that constitutes the formal investiture for the president. Inaugural speech is central to the rites of inauguration and it is usually anticipated for the soothing promises it makes and the reassurances ...

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Revisiting Brown and Levinson's Politeness Theory: A Middle-Eastern Perspective

Tahani Saleh Alabdali

This article attempts to examine the theory of politeness proposed by Brown and Levinson in 1978. It presents its strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of many experienced linguists. Furthermore, the author contributes with her own observations and research results in relation to the theory ...

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A contrastive study on thanking in Arabic dialects and English

Rana Jamal Al-Maznaei

Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (CCP) is a field of study that focuses on the interaction of people from various cultures. It is to clarify cultural distinctions between languages that acquire meaning through context and sociocultural embedding, resulting in a pragmatic communication failure. This study determines ...

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