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The Negligence of decoding the Implicatural Insinuations led to a Drastic End: A Case Study of Iago’s Monologues in Othello

Sikander Ali

Additional conveyed meaning can be harmful in the certain contexts which may lead the listener to a drastic conclusion. This dictum is quite applicable to the villainous character Iago in Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’. Iago is master enough to deal with this implicatural insinuations ...

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“she can turn and turn,… and turn again” (4.1.255-6): The Culpability for Desdemona’s Soft-Porn Performance

Ibrahim Alhiyari

In the cannon of Shakespeare's criticism, Othello's Desdemona is often depicted as an icon of modesty, wifeliness, and Christian virtue; however, many psychoanalytic critics tout a more venal and meretricious interpretation of her character. The subtle process of gradually goading teen Desdemona into ...

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