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The Curse of the Place: A Post-Colonial Study of O'casey's Dublin's Trilogy

Amal Riyadh Kitishat , Muneerah Badr Almahasheer

Sean O’Casey is considered one of the greatest playwriters in the Irish Dramatic Movement. His importance refers back to his realistic portrayal of the Irish society in general and of Dublin in particular. It is his experience in the slums of Dublin that provides him with the details that he employed ...

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Interface Between History and Drama and Nation Building: A Marxist Reading of Femi Osofisan’s Morountodun

Taiwo A. Stanley Osanyemi , R.E Iwuanjoku , F.B. Awotayo

The thrust of this paper is the proclivity that history and drama are essential ornaments in nation building as depicted in Femi Osofisan’s Morountodun. When drama is stimulated by history, it responds in an effective way by recreating reality and turning it into fiction. Existing scholarly engagements ...

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Play On: Teaching Drama in an EFL Class

Abraham Panavelil Abraham

Using drama in the language classroom is an enormously rewarding and enjoyable activity for both the teachers and the students. This paper tries to examine the use of drama in an EFL class that consists of Arabic speaking Omani students of 18-20 years where English is taught as a foreign language. Its ...

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Refusal Strategies in Offers and Directives: An Overview of Selected Texts from Radio Drama Episodes

Acheoah John Emike

This study attempts an overview of different refusal strategies used by characters in the drama genre, and by extension, humans in everyday communication. Although the study is neither strictly a stylistic nor pragmatic analysis of texts, it is an investigation of the stylo-pragmatic components that ...

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Ali Salem's The Comedy of Oedipus: You're the One Who Killed the Beast (1969) : A Classical Tragedy Revisited

Marwa Essam Eldin Fahmi Al-Kkhayat

The aim of the present study is to highlight the 'replay' of the master classic narrative: The Comedy of Oedipus: You're the One Who Killed the Beast (1969) by Ali Salem. This 'appropriation' gives room for renegotiating fixed political authority of post-independence dictatorship. This juxtaposition, ...

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Ali Salem's The Phantoms of New Egypt (1968)1: A Subversive Reading of Post-Independence Dystopia

Marwa Essam Eldin Fahmy Alkhayat

The current study aims to establish Salem's The Phantoms of New Egypt2 as a dystopian drama to expose the collapse of utopia and the rise of dystopia within the national pitfalls of the ruling class in post-independence Egypt. This provides an explanation of the title of the present paper since dystopia ...

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