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Protecting Women, Children and the Elderly in Sharia and International Law

Jawdat Abed Taha Al - Mazloum

There is no trust in the world that is more sacred than children, women and the elderly. There is no duty of importance above the respect of all of their rights, because their protection and respect for their rights protect the past and future of humanity as a whole. Although the international community ...

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Sports Health from the Perspective of Islamic Sharia

Mahmoud Gamal Mahmoud Ali

This study deals with the issue of sports health from the perspective of Islamic Sharia, and the statement of the positive health and sports effects that benefit the Muslim individual and the society in general through his commitment to perform the acts of worship that God ordered us to perform in the ...

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The Rights of Refugees in the 1951 UN Convention from the Perspective of Islamic Law ( A Comparative Study)

Mahmoud Mohamad El Gamal , Abdelrahman Abdel Hamid Hassanein

The problem of this research lies in the existence of refugees’ crisis in the world. The current situation of these refugees requires a comprehensive study to clarify their rights and duties in the international law and the International conventions in the light of Islamic Shariah. The objectives ...

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