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The Institutions of Intellectual Construction in the Light of the Holy Quran

Yahya Mohammed Amer Rashed

This research (the institutions of intellectual construction in the light of the Holy Quran) included an introduction, a preface, and five questions, a conclusion. As for the introduction, it provided a visual perception of the nature of the research, and was presented during the selection of the subject ...

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Intellectual Terrorism Causes Effects Treatment Study in the Light of the Quran

Abdul Sabour Ahmed Mahmoud Al Ansari

There is no doubt that the current situation in the Arab and Islamic world, and indeed the world at large, necessitates concerted efforts to stand united against this imminent threat of terrorism in general and intellectual terrorism in particular. The seeds of terrorism can only be dealt with by standing ...

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The Hadiths Mentioned in the Interpretation of the Great Quran of Ibn Katheer of Al-Furqan- Graduation and Study

Tmader Ibrahim Akasha

The Noble Sunnah is what is true about the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) from the sayings, and what is the effect of his deeds, and what is recorded from the confirmation, they are words, deeds and affirmations. Hence the Prophet's Sunnah because it related to the words and deeds ...

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The Holy Quran Approach to the Biography of the Prophet - A Comparative Analytical Study

Al- Moustafa Al- Samahi

This research highlights the advantage of the Holy Quran from other sources of biography and its methodology in dealing with its events. In addition to the great rhetorical style of dealing with events, the Holy Quran has dealt with the biography of what is unchanging and does not drown in the mention ...

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The Definition of Literature in the Arbitrator and Similar in the Quran

Ahmed bin Saad bin Hamed Al-Maliki

Subject: Introduction of the literature in the Qur'an. Research objectives: Knowledge of the literature in the Qur'an and similar literature; The specialist knows how to handle these works and to benefit from them. Research problem: How do I know the writings in the Qur'an and similar in order to deal ...

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Dealing with Plagues and Pandemics in Light of the Noble Qur’an’s Verses and the Sunnah

Omar Habis Nawafleh , Ayat Ali Anber

Since the dawn of history, deadly pandemics devastated the humans, destroyed the civilizations, and lifted serious repercussions for all of humanity. These pandemics caused death for millions of people, and due to their ignorance, people were attributing the cause of these pandemics to public factors ...

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People variation at tribulation from the perspective of the holy Quran

Muzamil Mohamed Abdi Mohamed

This research is titled Maqamat al-Maqāmat al-unah when calamity is in the light of the Noble Qur’an. The research aimed to shed light on knowledge of people's homes, and their disparity with affliction, and then deduced the most important educational aspects of the affliction. Whether the affliction ...

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The Foundations of Social Security and its Innocence in the Holy Quran

Al- Badri Omar Bishara

Research has addressed the foundation of social security and its innocence in the Holy Quran, which is full of many verses that dealt with the subject of security in various aspects.  The researcher touches the need to highlight the foundations of social security and its principles in the Holy Quran ...

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The Criterion in the Quran Interpretation by AL-Tabatabai “Applied Critical Study”

Arwa Abdullah Abdulaziz AL-Oraini

This research focuses on the criterion for the interpretation of Quran by AL-Tabatabai “an applied critical study”, and its problem is Knowing the faces of these deviations. The study aims to highlight and respond to them, and it relies on the inductive method in collecting the scientific ...

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The Approach of Imam Al-Mawardi in Dealing with Quranic Text Through his Book: (Al-Hawi Al-Kabir)

Nesreen Khalid AL-Otaibi

This research aimed at detecting the Mawardi method in dealing with Quranic texts. The research is divided into an introduction and two parts: The first is about the areas of summoning Quranic texts in the legal search. The second is about recruitment tools of Quranic texts in inference. The research ...

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