International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 6 - Issue 4 (3) | PP: 242 - 253 Language : العربية

The Foundations of Social Security and its Innocence in the Holy Quran

Al- Badri Omar Bishara
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9/10/2021 18/10/2021 23/12/2021 14/2/2022
Research has addressed the foundation of social security and its innocence in the Holy Quran, which is full of many verses that dealt with the subject of security in various aspects. The researcher touches the need to highlight the foundations of social security and its principles in the Holy Quran and seeks to research to answer the following questions: What is the importance of social security, and what are the most important fundamentals and principles in the light of the Holy Quran? The objectives of the research are defining social security, the statement of manifestations of the Holy Quran in society, revealing the importance of social security, defining social security and principles in the Holy Quran. Throught this research, the descriptive approach and inductive historical approach were sdopted. Research results reveal that: social security is the reassurance that denies panic and fear of humans as a person or a group in all realms of life and in the after life. The status of the Holy Quran founded moral and behavioral acts to control individuals in which the Muslim is polite and organized. On the other hand, the Islamic law-giver has developed a border between social crimes and stressed the maintenance of the lives of each individual and their harmony and the status of Islam as a result of the principles and foundations to achieve social security, including justice and the safe and amended security, including equality of justice under Islam and freedom. The Islamic law-giver does not leave mess with humanity considerations for the higher objectives of religion, which is the force, which are the packages in adjusting things and solving problems, the mistakes and treatment, lack of complacency and ignorance in everything that disturbs the security. Such as: intellectual peace, intellectual security, identity, citizenship and other terms and loose concepts that are spread in the Muslim community and seek the lives of people and the need for emerging education and training on the content and values ​​of social security contained in the Holy Quran for their intellectual and social security.

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